Do You Need Social Media To Grow Your Business?

Do You Need Social Media To Grow Your Business?

Do You Need Social Media To Grow Your Business?

Social media can be overwhelming for start-ups AND established businesses. The lines of where social media begins and ends are so blurred these days, that some people don’t even know they are on social media!

For instance, do you think Blogging is Social Media? Some say yes, some say no. However, blogging absolutely IS a form of social media. How about newsletters? HECK YES! When someone comes to me and asks me to work their social media for them, my strategy almost always includes blogging and newsletters. These tools are used to gain new leads and keep existing ones.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way and you really know what you’re in for here, how about diving in a little further?

Do You Need Social Media To Grow Your Business?

The biggest social media platforms have just recently (in the past few years) become insanely popular. With more and more platforms popping up daily, the average person or business has about 15 social media accounts to their name. The amount of social accounts that actually bring in new leads are about 3 out of the average 15 active accounts. Why? Because, different social platforms have different audiences, interests and selling points.

I help people everyday find their niche on social media. Most of the time that means deleting accounts that are getting them no where, and channeling that energy into the ones that will.

Do what makes sense. If you are a freight shipping company, should you be on Pinterest? Chances are, no you shouldn’t. People on Pinterest are not searching for services (at least not knowingly – more on this later). How about if you are an online boutique? Absolutely. Pinners pin, pin, pin outfits every second of the day. So, if you’re an online clothing store that isn’t on Pinterest yet, sign-up here now. Trust me.

Choose one, two or three social media platforms to be super active on. Don’t get caught up in the quantity, it’s all about the quality of your account (posts, followers, engagment). Doing this is enormously better than spending your time trying to be a top influencer on multiple channels, that are probably not the right audience for you niche anyway.

How Do I Choose The Right Social Channels For My Business?

Here are a few things that I consider when drafting a strategy for one of my clients…

1. Who is your audience?

You would be surprised at how many people think they know their audience, but when asked, go blank. This is what’s great about honing in on your social media. You really get to know your audience.

Don’t just stick to what you know, adapt. If you don’t, someone else will! I hear plenty of people say that they don’t know how to use Snapchat or Periscope even though they know their audience love those platforms.

And instead of getting on those platforms and learning them to better connect with their audience they stick to what they know. Don’t be that person! Adapt.

2. Video, Video, Video!

Video is the number one most curated and watched form of media. So, you need to make is happen. Ready, set, action! (see what I did there?)

Depending on the type of business you run, your video doesn’t have to be of someone sitting in front of a camera talking. It could be many of things.

When considering which video platform to start with, consider these:

  • Facebook Live
  • Instagram Stories
  • Uploading videos (or FB Live clips) to your Instagram feed
  • Twitter’s live video feature
  • Snapchat

3. Which platform will make your brand shine?

If you’re a Graphic designer, Twitter might not be the winning platform for you but Instagram or Snapchat might work perfectly because of their large visual appeal.

If you’re a motivational speaker, you might find it more worthwhile to do Facebook live classes than to post quote images on Instagram because you know that your audience will engage more via video.

So, what’s the point of social media?

Social media CAN help you gain new leads, engage with existing clients, and strengthen your relationships with them. Often times, social media relationships are what make people convert.

Which platform(s) will you choose? Leave a comment and let me know!

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