How To Make Your Content Convert (Checklist Included!)

How To Make Your Content Convert (Checklist Included!)

Creating valuable content (aka, content that converts) can be a daunting task. You almost have to set aside your creative side to think…business. There is no doubt this can be hard to do. However, if you follow strict guidelines every time you create content, you’ll have a much better chance (ok, a lot better chance) at hitting those ROI conversion rates you’re dieing to see.

How To Make Your Content Convert

Let’s jump in shall we? 

For homework, you should revisit some of your old content and revamp it with the tools and techniques you’re about to learn from this article. I revisit my old content all of the time because testing is everything.


10 Things You Should Be Doing To Make Your Content Convert

1. Always use actionable language aka ‘Power Words’

When you’re trying to convert a visitor on your site, speaking as clear as possible is ultimately your best option for converting them. So, how do you speak as clearly as possible? Great question. By using action-oriented, second-person verbs.

Use  “discover, unearth, find” instead of “be smarter”.

Check out the CTA below, notice how we began sentences with “Learn” and “Download”. Getting conversions is no easy task, but if you’re not doing everything in your power to empower your site visitors to take action then you’re not creating content that converts.

2. Keep the same content theme throughout all copy (including your landing page)

When you’re trying to convert a visitor on your site the last thing you want to do is confuse them, right? You want to make sure you have the same copy across all of your content (i.e. your CTA copy and your landing page copy) align. Everytime.

For example, the name of the thing you are promoting — whether it’s a product or service or something else — should align with the name of it on your landing page.

You should also be calling the offer the same thing on both the CTA and the landing page. For example, if you mention that your visitors can download a crash course on Facebook advertising on the CTA, you shouldn’t call it an ebook on the land page. These things may seem small, but it’s these little things that divert your visitors from converting.

Check out this example below. We did both of the things mentioned above — notice how the title of the offer and how we position it is the exact same as the CTA? This way, your visitors won’t be confused about what we’re offering!

**Insert Graphic**

3. Include a clear value proposition

You know why a visitor should be interested in what you have to offer but they don’t. Each call-to-action you create has to have a clear benefit for the user or they won’t covert. On your CTA give a quick description of what happens after they click through. Will they magically get a pay raise? Will they lose weight? Regardless of what you want them to do, it should be very clear what is going to happen when people click.

Check out our VTA below, you can see this tactic in action. In both the headline and description, we describe what people will get when they click and how they will be able to use it. Two very important things to convey if you want conversions.

FREE Make YourContent ConvertChecklist-2

4. Make it time-sensitive (because after all, even if it’s not, it is to you)

There are so many diversions online, while your visitors are browsing your offer they are also updating their social media accounts, sending emails and talking to a client. With all of these distractions, you only have a short window to keep your readers focused on converting.

By tapping into the element of urgency you are letting people know that this won’t last forever. It invokes panic, and their first reaction will be to click through and convert.

The best to do this is to add words like “now” or “today” to your CTA button (check it out in the example below). Just a slight push can actually increase your chances to see more conversions.

FREE Make YourContent ConvertChecklist-3

5. Go Big, Literally

In today’s world of advertising, users are trying to be converted left and right. In order for you to stand out you need to GO BIG. Don’t make your button small, make your button stand out — if you don’t, your users might miss it and you might miss their conversion.

Make your CTA the same width as your landing page. Check out our example below, it’s 650 pixels wide. There’s no way anyone is going to miss it.

FREE Make YourContent ConvertChecklist-4

6. Create a highly contrasting design

Your visitors attention span is small, and one of the best ways to keep it is by visually drawing them in. Your CTA button should not blend in with the rest of your website design. Of course, you can use similar styling — fonts and colors so everything is cohesive and aesthetically pleasing — but the way you combine these elements together should make your CTA button pop from the rest of the page!

Check out our example below. See how our button uses the same style but the way we designed it, makes it stand out from all the rest.

FREE Make YourContent ConvertChecklist-6

Now it’s your turn! Try it out.

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7. Make your button look clickable

When you see an ad online, it almost always looks “clickable” right? Usually there is some sort of shading or contouring that makes it look like you could press it in real life. This isn’t just a coincidence — they’re smart, and know that if you make your CTA button look like something people are already familiar with clicking, they will be more likely to convert.

Check out our CTA button below. It almost looks 3D. That’s because…design! Definitely try experiment with “clickable designs” and figure out if this method works for you and your audience.

FREE Make YourContent ConvertChecklist-7

8. Make sure your CTA is prominent on your website

Once you are done with the fun stuff like copy and design, it’s time to go live with it. Whether you’re placing it above the fold, or below the fold you want your CTA to get noticed, and clicked. So put it where users have no choice but to see it. Think outside the box, and draw your users in (maybe, big animated arrows?).


9. A/B test multiple CTA’s to find your winner

The thing about marketing and conversions is well, testing! Once you’ve got one CTA set, you need to keep going. Create 3-4 designs and test them to see which ones get higher conversions. After a while, it becomes pretty fun!

When you’re A/B testing, change up design elements from one CTA to another. Like, color, test, font, size etc. Check out our example below to get some ideas!



FREE Make YourContent ConvertChecklist-8

10. Personalize CTAs for different audience segments

This one is pretty important. Not all of your visitors are going to be the same, which is why smart marketers tailor their CTAs to only appear to select audiences. For example, your visitors can see on things, while your leads see another, and your customer can see something entirely different.

Check out this example below. We’ve labeled each to show you how which viewer sees what. Cool eh? 😉


FREE Make YourContent ConvertChecklist-9


FREE Make YourContent ConvertChecklist-7

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed this one! Let me know which strategies are working for you in the comments below!

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