How to Generate 39 Targeted Leads a week from Social Media

How to Generate 39 Targeted Leads a week from Social Media

Social media can be overwhelming, especially if you are just starting out. If that’s the case, and you are just starting out, then welcome to the ever changing world of social media — it is both chaotic and beautiful.

How to Generate 39 Targeted Leads a week from Social Media

When I first started out making social media my business (not just taking selfies and posting funny captions), I was overwhelmed. I must have read every single social media article out their on the web, and I still didn’t see any conversions.

What I was focusing on before I got smart(er):

  • Number of Followers
  • Number of Likes per post

Well, let me save you a lot of time and trouble. Those numbers mean virtually nothing. The easier it is to find the analytic, the less they mean. By this, I mean, “likes and followers” are surface level. When everything finally came together is when I began really thinking like my customers. What would entice me if I was an outsider looking in? I began opening my eyes to other marketers that were marketing to me — and taking note.

The solution is quiet simple. 

  1. Know your numbers
  2. Figure out how to convert them

The first week I tweaked my strategy I brought in 39 leads. It was hard work, but it was worth it.

These strategies I’m about to dive into are what worked for me. I always tell my clients to make these their own, because a strategy that has brought me wild success might not be as successful for them.

Results always vary.

Step 1. Build A Gate They Want To Unlock

Do you guys know what gated content is? I’m sure you’ve been involved with one somewhere on the internet.

Gated content is basically when you lock a piece of valuable content (valuable being the key word) your users want, in exchange for their email, a page like etc. which unlocks that valuable content for them. It’s a tick for tack.

Most of your Social followers are at the top of your Sales Funnel. They haven’t pulled the trigger, but they haven’t completely lost interest. Since they’re in the first stage of your funnel, the goal here is not to make a sale — but to guide them into thinking they might be interested in making a sale.

In order for your audience to give important information to you such as an email address, or a share on Facebook, they have to trust you. Meaning, you have to be trustworthy! Don’t spam them or sell their emails. Trust is a two-way street.

Let me show you how I built a gate people wanted to unlock. Here’s one of my posts promoting my latest blog post about how to increase traffic by 4x (step 1 of the funnel):

How To Increase Your

When people click-through they are directed to another page (step 2 of the funnel). If you make your content enticing enough to convert, which I explain more in this post here they will click on it.

Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 12.24.35 AM

If a user shares with me their contact information, they can unlock the content.

I wouldn’t suggest doing this often. There are a lot of brands that OVER use it, or are just doing it plain wrong and actually see LESS conversions from it. Make sure your content is 100% worth it.

…But what content should I giveaway?

I’d start by doing some benchmark research to see what other people in your niche are doing. Actively watching your competition is healthy, and can give you the competitive edge. Again, this is where you need to make these strategies your own!

Step 2. Host Live Streaming Events

A lot of bloggers swear by Live Streaming Events. Why? Because they are an effective way to reach and get personal with your audience. Think of it as online dating. You’ve talked to them online, and it’s easy to forget a few messages back and forth, but when you finally see their face “live”, you’ll be more likely to not forget them — and maybe they’ll even win you over.

Video marketing has been on the up and up for some time, and live streaming is all the rage right now. From live Facebook streams, to Snapchat.

Integrating Live Streaming into your marketing strategy is taking advantage of the “Scarcity Trigger”. This means, that once they’re over, they’re over – or so people think (we’ll circle back to this in a second). People love being a part of something that is Live. It’s kind of like watching The Super Bowl two days after the Super Bowl. It’s just not as fun.

Tip: Always save your live streams, because you can recycle these in your next newsletter, or use it as your next gated content giveaway!

Some people have found that the engagement for Live Streaming on Facebook is higher than asking people to attend a regular webinar. Why? Because when you go live, Facebook notifies all of your followers!

…So what kind of things do I live stream?

Depending on your niche, you can Live stream just about anything. Here are a few suggestions to get those creative juices flowing:

  • Q&A
  • Live contests
  • Event coverage
  • Vlogging

The cool thing about live streaming is that you are spending quality time with your users, and they’ll appreciate that.

So get out there, and start creating some dialogue between you and your users!

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Step 3. Use Twitter Cards

Twitter is a great platform for lead generation. Especially with the use of Twitter Cards. Twitter Cards are basically just an extension of regular tweets but you can add photos, videos, and other types of media.

Here’s a Sign-up Twitter card from MailChimp.


They are very effective for capturing email leads.

When a user clicks on the card, it automatically takes them to a opt-in landing page. Quick, simple and effective!

Pin these to the top of your twitter page and watch your numbers skyrocket!

Step 4. Make Yourself an Invaluable Resource

The title of step 4 may seem a little daunting but, it’s really pretty simple. Building authority might take some time, but genuinely helping people, will be recognized and appreciated.

A lot of top bloggers hold Q&A’s from time to time, where they spend a dedicated amount of time to responding in-depth to people’s pressing questions.

This has the potential to get you a lot of traffic. Here’s an example:


Now, you may not be the President of the United States of America but that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t hold a successful #AMA (Ask Me Anything) event. Try it out!


Social media lead generation takes planning, and strategy but if done correctly will work. If you’re not having success with your current strategies try some of these out, just remember to make them your own!

Take these strategies and get creative with them. There’s no box, and that’s the beauty of them!

What’s your favorite technique for getting leads on social media?


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