16 Actionable Growth Hacks To Get More Clients

16 Actionable Growth Hacks To Get More Clients

If your new around these parts I just want to start off by saying that my favorite word is Growth Hack. I don’t know what it is, but every time I see it, it just makes my heart happy (weird, I know). No, but in all honesty growth hacks have become a huge part of my marketing strategies for not only myself, but my clients. I swear by these tactics and if used frequently, and effectively are your recipe for success. Here are the 16 growth hacks that TRIPLED my client base.

16 Actionable Growth Hacks To Get More Clients

 1. Comment Marketing

Believe it or not there is power in leaving a comment on someone else’s content. How many times have you searched Google looking for an answer, and got your answer not from the moderator, but from another user? Exactly.

..But how do comments help me + my site?

There’s a right and a wrong way to utilizing comment marketing to your benefit. The wrong way is choosing quantity over quality. A quick “Great article! Thanks for sharing” in today’s ever-changing social world mine as well look like spam — because isn’t it? There’s no meaningful “I love the part in your post about blah blah blah, specifically when you went into detail about la dee dah” see where I’m going with this? Always choose quality over quantity.

Here’s the chain reaction from leaving valuable comments:

Leave great comments on other sites > other users see your content and click to your website > that link can lead to new subscribers, leads, and comments on YOUR posts > can lead to future content pieces from those users giving you a shoutout.

The Power Of The Comment Is RealClick To Tweet What are some examples of ways I can use links in my comments without sounding spammy?

Great question (I was thinking the same thing 😉).

Try some of these soft tactics:

  1. “We’ve actually been doing this on our site. If you go to our website, you can check out the link via my profile.” This way, you’re not even leaving a link in your comment, but you’re still telling other users to go check out your profile. Trust. These have led to great click-throughs!
  2. “Hey, I want to make sure that this blog accepts links in the comments, but I figured I should point to (Insert Your Link Here). Editor, feel free to remove if links are not appropriate.” Basically, you’re being honest (sort of) and honesty is the best policy!

Comment Marketing can also lead to indirect links. Meaning, you leave valuable comments all around the internet, the same people are seeing your great content repeatedly and you start to get recognized. This is called Social Super-Stardom. Congratulations.

But what makes a comment great?

  • It’s on-topic
  • Respectful to the author and other commenters
  • Provides unique value
  • Well written
  • Even better formatted
  • Transparent

Lastly, track, track, track those comments! That’s why it’s called Comment MARKETING. You don’t want to waste a bunch of time writing great comments if you can’t even track your results. Am I right? I suggest creating a spreadsheet of all the sites that you’ve logged comments on and keep track of your traffic on Google Analytics! Even better, when you’re leaving links in your comments track it with link shorteners like Bitly, it captures how many times one specific link gets viewed.

2. Long-Tail your FAQ’s

This is one of the best growth hack tactics out there right now and yes I picked it up from Neil Patel 🙄 (he’s a rockstar). The idea is to use your FAQ page (or help forum) to target long-tail search queries in Google, because they lead to buying decisions — but only if you target the right ones.

Here’s an example:

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 9.52.49 PM

Through keyword research, targeted FAQ topics can help put you in the top of the search results for the questions that your customers are looking for answers to — and gain you NEW customers. Because chances are if your customers are looking for something, there are other people looking for the same thing.

Rachel's Social Media Course

3. Build Your Email List + Automation

List building is all the rage right now, and rightfully so.

These days, if you don't have a list -- what do you have?Click To Tweet If you’re a business owner, you one-thousand percent need to have an email list. They allow you to stay in touch with your subscribers like nothing else can. Why? Because your subscribers are there by choice, your newsletters are not just something they scroll past on Facebook. They are engaged. It’s most likely that people will check their emails on a regular basis, everyday, or even every few hours. That’s great news for you and your business because you can basically talk to an engaged, ready-to-buy group anytime you’d like!

Your newsletter is also a great way to stay at the forefront of people’s minds. Just make sure you keep giving them valuable content and advice and I promise you, they’ll stick around and become your best customers.

…but what the heck is automation?

Automation is something I use a lot in my email marketing strategy. When someone subscribes to my newsletter list, they automatically get a welcome email with a “who I am” and “what I can do for you” write-up. After that, I send a series of automated follow-up emails depending on what I am trying to achieve.

Some examples for you:

  1. Say you’re a blogger trying to promote their affiliate links to earn money. Your first email is promoting your new post, your second automation could be solely promoting the products that you used in your post. And so on and so forth. Get creative with it!
  2. Say you’re selling a product online, after your customer’s initial purchase you can send out a second “up-sell” automated email, to let them know that there are other products that would go great with what they already purchased.

You can set-up automation goals with basically any email hosting provider!

4. Double Loop Your Referral Program

You may or may not be using a referral program within your company as a way to attract new customers but, you definitely should be. In fact, a step up from a referral program is what we call a double loop referral program. This means there are two events that take place. Your existing client refers someone, and they get something for it. For example, Dropbox did this with the “invite your friends, get free storage” campaign. And it worked like a charm.

Uber Double Loop Referral Program - The Tech Styles

5. Get “Nichey”

Let's Talk Niche.Click To Tweet In effective marketing, the more targeted the better the results. It’s the same thing for your business. If you’re marketing to whole entire world, it’s not only going to be difficult, but chances are it won’t be speaking to really anyone in specific.

You’ll grow your business faster, and be able to demand more if you specialize or hone your marketing to a niche. For example, if you are an attorney, perhaps you are THEE attorney for the music industry.

Focusing on a specific audience builds trust. When people see that you specialize in THEM, and not EVERYONE they’re more likely to trust that you know what you’re talking about.

6. Be Active In Facebook Groups

Facebook is more engaged than ever, and if you’re not utilizing all of it’s networking abilities — you’re missing out big time!

Facebook groups are a huge part of my client’s marketing strategies. Why? Because they want more leads. Facebook has created this small loophole to interact with people that aren’t your friends. Think of these people as your potential clients. Better yet, these loopholes (ok, groups) are targeted to specific things. There are music groups, marketing groups, fashion groups, dental groups etc. The list goes on!

For example, if you’re a graphic designer you should probably be trolling the small business groups as these are people that will need your service.

Here’s The Tech Styles’ Facebook Community Group — Incase you want to start putting these tactics to use 😉 You can join here (recently changed to ‘Online Biz Superstars’).

Growth Hackers Facebook Community

7. Answer Questions On Twitter

Twitter is not just for retweets. There are actually many people on Twitter that are looking for advice from their peers. This is where you come in to save the day!

Try searching for things like:

  • #(keyword)help
  • Hiring a (keyword)
  • (keyword) recommendations

It’s a super simple tactic that can help you help a potential customer find what they’re looking for right now. It’s an underutilized tactic that is very effective!

8. Leverage Your Clients On Social

Leverage Your Clients On Social.Click To Tweet This is something I do a lot, because it works for both me and my client. When I land a client and spend time building that relationship up offline, I also like to build it up online!

There a few different pieces to the puzzle here. First, you have the person you are working with directly. Chances are they have personal social accounts. Second, you have the brand that you are working for. The brand most definitely has it’s on social accounts. Here are two different sets of potential audiences you can reach. Get the picture?

But how do I reach these two new audiences?

  • Depending on what you’re doing for someone or their company, you can post your progress along the way.
    • Example: “Having so much fun on this project with (@insert 1st user here) for the launch of @(insert 2nd user here)!”
  • After you’re done working together, you can promote what you’ve already done for them. Something like “Check out @(insert 1st user here)’s newly designed website!”

The whole point of leveraging your clients on social media this way, is for the reposts back! Chances are if you post enough times, or if your posts are creative enough, your clients WILL repost them. What’s the benefit in that? Two brand new audiences that are most likely looking for the same services that will see what you’ve done, and want to hire you as well. BOOM!

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 12.56.56 AM

9. Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are such big lead-generators that Facebook had to start finding new places for advertisers to advertise! This should tell you something. If you haven’t run a Facebook ad campaign for your business yet, now’s the time to start.

Facebook ads are a great way to advertise to hyper targeted audience, just for you. It’s basically a digital marketers dream, and depending how good you are (or get) at getting your cost-per-conversion down, they can be a super affordable way to generate new clients.

10. Social PR

Back in the day Public Relations was the best (and only) way to promote your business. Since the birth of online marketing, PR has shifted in ways that are allowing online entrepreneurs like you and me to leverage media sites we would have had to pay big bucks for. Que Haro.

HARO stands for ‘Help a Reporter Out’ and it does just that. HARO is a twice-daily email that pulls together all of the editors that are looking for quotes or opinions on articles that they’re writing, usually on top-tier publications. Keep a look out for editors looking for quotes in your niche, and send them in! People have hit the jackpot with this site (in terms of getting in with let’s say The Wall Street Journal. HARO is so well connected the power of this site, is unbeatable.

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 12.58.13 AM

11. Track Your Competitors Mentions

The only way to figure out what your competitor is doing, is to do it better. That’s why tracking your competitor’s mentions is a huge marketing tactic that really, really works. Each mention of a competitor is an opportunity, and not just for them but for you! It’s an opportunity for you to build a relationship and a link.

Sites like Fresh Web Explorer help you easily find where your competitors are being mentioned on the web. This site helps you find the sources that are covering your industry’s topic.


12. Follow Up With Past Clients + Ones Who Never Purchased

Do you ever follow up with existing clients or one’s who never purchased, to see if they need any extra assistance? Just shoot them an email to see how things are going on their end. They’ll appreciate it! I promise. 9 times out of 10 they will need further assistance or an extra nudge to get the ball rolling to either start their first project with you or continue with another!

Another great way to follow up is to always be on the look out for new things that might help your clients. They’ll value that you went out of your way to think of new ways to help them out! It’s a win, win (that almost auto-corrected to win, wine — same thing?).

13. Cause Marketing

I’m not saying that you should join forces for a cause JUST to gain a new audience but, if there does happen to be a cause you believe in and care about, this can be a great tactic to get your name out there!


This is great marketing because it brings together a group centered around a cause, which is then advocated by your brand. By hosting an initiative like this and bringing people together around a topic, your brand stands at the focal point of an issue that is relevant to your business. Which, if you do this right can have a significant impact on the growth of your brand!

14. Social Proof Your Website

Some say social proof is the key to more magnetic marketing.

…But what is social proof?

“Think of it as building the foundation for massively scalable word-of-mouth.”

Aileen Lee, venture capitalist and blogger explains how generating and sharing social proof through social networks can multiply the discovery of your brand and add to its influence.

…Ok, But How Do I Use This To Grow?

  1. Testimonials
  2. Ratings and Reviews
  3. Influencer Endorsements
  4. Badges of Things You’re Involved In
  5. Media Logos of Where You Were Featured
  6. Subscriber Counts
  7. Social Shares + Connections
Social Proof = Massive Sway.Click To Tweet Develop a social proof strategy for your website, and I promise you, you will see more conversions!


Which Actionable Growth Hacks Worked Best For You? Tell Me In The Comments Below! 😀


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