How Buyer Personas Will Bring You More Traffic + Leads

How Buyer Personas Will Bring You More Traffic + Leads

Remember when having an imaginary friend was a thing? Well, Buyer Personas are kind of like that. Buyer Personas are something online marketers (you and I) create to represent their ideal customers. Having a deep understanding of your buyers on a more personal and humanized level, will help you increase your traffic and leads.

How Buyer Personas Will Bring You More Traffic + Leads

…But How Is Creating Imaginary Friends Going To Help Me Build My Business?

Great question, and frankly, I thought you’d never ask.

First, you need data and insight. You can’t just create these personas from thin air. That would be like guessing, and we don’t want to guess when it comes to building our business, we want to have a SOLID understanding of everything — so we can keep doing it over and over.

But, before we dive into creating these buyer personas let’s take a look at why Buyer Personas are so important to the success of your business and specifically your online marketing.

Buyer Personas Are Important to Your Business Because…

Buyer Personas help you understand what your customers (and prospective customers) want and need, what there concerns are etc. This makes your marketing process easy peasy! Seriously guys, once you have a solid set of Buyer Personas for your brand or business, tailoring your content to each specific group, will have a very positive impact on your ROI.

For example: You may know that your target buyers are foodies, but do you know anything else about them? What their interests are (other than food)? What is the typical background of your ideal buyer? In order for you to grow your traffic and leads, you need to first get a good grasp on who you’re trying to convert.

How Do You Find The Data To Create Your Personas?

Big companies and brands usually hire a focus group to create their buyer personas through a series of questionnaire interviews. But if you’re anything like me, you’re not a big company or brand who can afford that. Don’t worry, you can still create an equally effective series of Buyer Personas as the big peeps without hiring an outside firm.

Here are a few examples (alter these to fit YOUR business type):

  • Send your current clients a survey with targeted questions like “Why do you love our product?”, “Where can we improve?”. These commonly asked questions will help you devise a strong buyer persona.
  • Ask current prospects what they’re looking for in a brand/company (again, alter these to fit YOUR business type).
  • Ask your connections in the industry about their clients needs/wants etc.
  • Find information online — there is a TON of it.
  • Use EXISTING data from your built-in social analytic platforms to see trends, demographics, age and interests!

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But How Do You Actually Use This To Grow Your Business?

Creating a series of Buyer Personas allows you to more accurately target different buyers. If you are using one message to market to all of your leads, I’m almost one hundred percent sure you are losing out on qualified leads because one size doesn’t fit all.

Once a potential buyer feels that your ad doesn’t relate, a part of their brain (the buying part) shuts off, and you more than likely won’t ever get them back. Creating Buyer Personas helps you to relate your messaging to them.

Since i’m an uber visual person, and maybe you are too, let’s take a look at some examples. For the sake of this post, I’m going to make these examples super simple.

How Buyer Personas Will Bring You More Traffic + Leads

Buyer Persona #1.

Name: Betty Baker

Interests: Savory and sweet home cooking.

Concerns: Cooking a hearty and tasty meal for her growing household everyday. Her spouse loves her home-style cooking and she likes to surprise them with new dishes!

Why This Works: Betty isn’t concerned about being healthy, she just wants to make great tasting meals for her family and maybe save a little time in the process!

How Buyer Personas Will Bring You More Traffic + Leads

Buyer Persona #1.

Name: Francesca Fit

Interests: Working out, eating healthy, meal prepping.

Concerns: Francesca doesn’t want to over-indulge but also knows that she can restrict herself so she likes to find low-carb healthy alternatives to her favorite dishes.

Why This Works: Francesca is concerned with eating healthy, so the messaging has to reflect that.

Summing these visuals up: Hopefully the visuals above give you a better understanding of how you actually translate Buyer Personas into your marketing. Be creative, and test out different options. That’s how we learn what works and what doesn’t. Try color variants, wording, fonts and images to convert those series of Buyer Personas!

Buyer Personas allow us to hyper target marketing messages to people that will be more inclined to convert. It’s kind of like Facebook’s ad algorithm, they show your ads to users who are more likely to engage, convert, or buy what you are selling. Buyer Personas can not only increase your traffic but lead to more sales too.

Have you tried creating Buyer Personas for your brand or business? Share your experience with us in the comments below.

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