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I get a lot of questions about how I do what I do, and what I use to do it. So I created this page in order to be more transparent with you guys. This is basically a page of verified resources i’ve used (past and present) to grow my business(s) online. In no way am I saying “hey you, yeah you! – you have to use all of these tools in order to be successful online”. Nope. Not. At. All. In fact, I think using all of these tools together, at the same time, would be a bit overkill if ya ask me. At each stage of my business(s) I’ve used these tools to better my blog, biz and profits and i’m sharing them with you, In hopes they will help you too.



Lead Generation:

Tool: OptinMonster

Why I love it:

  • I use this to capture email subscribers on all of my pages!


Affiliate Marketing:

Tool: Affilorama

Why I love it:

  • A seriously helpful hub for all things Affiliate Marketing.
  • Taught me how to go from passive Affiliate income, to real Affiliate income with their training videos, content, and programs.


Tool: BlueHost

Why I love (and use) it:

  • Amazing customer service and easy set-up.
  • One of the most affordable options on the inter-web for sure!

Themes + Graphics:

Tool: Themeforest

Why I love it:

  • Themeforest has some crazy cool things goin’ on over there. When I first started out and didn’t know much (ok, anything) about integrating a website theme onto my blog, they did EVERYTHING for me. All I did was browse their millions of totally awesome themes and pick one.
  • Recently they launched Envato Studio which is a ridiculously great resource for people like you and I. They have millions of graphics, tutorials, designs, and even a bunch of rockstar developers that can help you with just about any website idea that you have. It’s brilliant. I highly recommend you check them out!



Tool: Shopify

Why I love it:

  • A rediculously super easy platform to use (I mean, have you tried building your own shopping cart?).
  • Unlike WordPress, they actually have live 24/7 support peeps. Which is helpful when you get the “white screen of death” (look it up, it’s a wordpress thing).
  • One of my ‘Social Media Superstar’ students uses it for totally awesome online store at!


Tool: Audello

Why I love it:

  • Audello makes it ridiculously easy to start and market your podcast, and did I mention they distribute your show to iTunes (hell ya)!
  • I’m using Audello to start a podcast for this blog, hopefully you’ll listen ;)!

Online Course Creator:

Tool: Thinkific

Why I love it:


How are these tools working for you?



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